February 27, 2020 Kim Hopes

Restorative Practices: A Toolbox for Turbulent Times

This is a discussion that took place on May 8, 2018. John was a participant and it originally appeared on the Abundant Community website.

About every six weeks for the last five years, John and Peter have hosted online / dial-up conversations with community-building pioneers as their guests. For their May 8, 2018 dialog they invited Thom Allena to talk about his work in getting justice out of courthouses and into neighborhoods. Thom is a community and organizational psychologist who applies creative approaches to respond to crime, violence and group conflict. In Thom’s community justice work, citizens are invited to play active rather than passive roles in determining the shape of justice and become more directly involved in redressing the quality of life issues that are breached by crime.

View a transcription of this discussion on Abundant Community

 Download or listen to the audio here. For more on Thom’s work, see the list on his author page.

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